The first polish is conducted after an hour of CNC cutting. Polishing the unfinished mold between each process significantly increases accuracy to the designated spec. Although time-consuming, it is an imminent step as the key to perfection. New dials with detailed prints, engravings, and inserts are 100% the same as genuine.

Each Ultra Durable In-House DanDong Clone Rolex caliber is fine-tuned at the final stage to ensure the time accuracy is within the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres standard of +6/-4 seconds per day using the most advanced digital Timegraphers. Also, two testing machines simulate extreme “G-Forces” on the movement to ensure flawless operation. A power drop machine simulates a three-meter drop onto a wooden floor – a long-standing Swiss standard is that a watch case and movement should withstand such a fall. The watch band is tested for strength and durability in our automatic Band Tester for 3 hours. A machine does torsion testing to test the strap’s strength and long-term durability..