SWISS Made SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL with laser-etched crown

A high-purity Swiss-made scratch-proof Sapphire crystal with a colorless Anti-reflective coating inside out, it has the same shape, thickness, and Cyclops magnification power as genuine. Each piece is machine cut and hand polished to achieve technical perfection and precisely fit the watch casing. The seamless fit provides peak refraction and an optically pure prism. Our Clean Rolex has a very small, nearly imperceptible laser-etched crown at the 6 o’clock position on the crystal. The regular replica is still mechanically etched, resulting in a thicker, more transparent structure. Therefore, this can be easily seen with the naked eye and is easy to determine as a counterfeit.

ULTRA MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS – Powered by SuperLuminova™
To ensure the highest level of visibility underwater or in any dark environment, the handsets and hour markers are all carefully treated with multiple layers of luminous coating from the leader of the luminescent industry, SuperLuminova™ by RC TRITEC Ltd.